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Official Publication of Dogs NT Vol. 46.2 Apr / May 2018
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2018 Nominations

In the first eighteen years of elections, the Australian National Kennel Council Ltd has received nominations for 51 dogs and 27 people to be considered for induction into the Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame.  From the nominations received 29 outstanding dogs and 19 exceptional people have been inducted.

The criteria for the two categories for selection are the following:

  1. Outstanding Gundogs (must be permanently retired from further competition and have not competed for the past 12 months, or be deceased)
    1. Their record as a winning dog i.e., CLUB – STAKE – DATE – JUDGE PLACE and/or
    2. Their production record.
    3. The eligibility for a dog should be based on its entire competitive career and previous record as a producer, not merely for a particular win or for a heroic deed within the field and retrieving trial sphere.
    4. Subject to the receipt of a formal application, dogs that have been awarded the title of Grand Champion and have gained a total number of points equal to, or greater than, twice the total number required for that award, shall automatically be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Such applications must include full particulars and a brief resume of the dog's career.
    5. Subject to the receipt of a formal application, dogs winning at least two National Championships in the same discipline shall automatically be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Such applications must include full particulars and a brief resume of the dog's career.
  2. Prominent Persons:

    Their record of a broad combination of accomplishments as:

    1. Club official
    2. Judge
    3. Owner
    4. Handler

    The distinction of nomination should be accorded to those who have made outstanding contributions to the field or retrieving game. Nominees should be givers to the sport and not takers.

Nominations are now being called for the current year. In addition to applications submitted in relation to Outstanding Gundogs 1 (d) and 1(e), a maximum of two other outstanding gundogs and two prominent persons may be elected each year.


  1. Clubs or Members may nominate DOGS and PEOPLE considered worthy of awards, including full details of accomplishments within the above categories and with verification.  In the case of dogs, nominations should include the full name, title, owner and date of birth.

    [Please note it is a condition of nomination that the nominator/s provides accurate written material supporting the nomination.  In the absence of such accurate supporting material, or should the supporting material later prove to be inaccurate in areas of significance, the Selection Panel for the ANKC Ltd Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame reserves the right to reconsider its decision and if appropriate, delete the name of the Prominent Person or Distinguished Dog from the list of inductees.]
  2. Nominations shall close on the 31 May, 2018 at respective Member Body offices for forwarding to ANKC Ltd.
  3. Please use the proforma nomination forms that are available from all Member Body offices and the ANKC Ltd website at
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